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Traditional fireplaces, wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, gas fires, electric fires and fireside accessories for every taste and budget.

Inset Stoves


Burning wet wood will lead to an increase in smoke and emissions and produce little heat. It will also lead to a blackening of the stove glass and a build-up of soot in the chimney. We recommend that only logs with a moisture content below 20% should be used in a stove.


Browse our collection of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves by brands who share our commitment to great design through functionality and aesthetics.A combination of skilful work and high quality materials promise excellent performance and years of safe, reliable use.

Classic and contemporary, front glass fireplaces, three sided fireplaces, tunnel and corner fireplaces even suspended fireplaces.

Our range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves and fires accommodate all styles and tastes, add soul to the home and provide a warmth that no other fuel can.

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