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Traditional fireplaces, wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, gas fires, electric fires and fireside accessories for every taste and budget.

Metalfire’s mission is to create architectural fireplaces that bring more to homes than just heat.

Whether you choose the flexibility of the ULTIME series’ sliding door mechanism, the compact practicality of the CITIZEN series’ side-hinged door, or the traditional, made-to-measure aesthetic of the UNIVERSAL series, you’ll always enjoy the same impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful design with Metalfires range of wood-burning fireplaces.
The gas burning range of fireplaces features two prominent models: the URBAN and AVENUE. The URBAN offers an open configuration with intelligent protection. The most recent AVENUE combines meaningful innovations in design and technology. Both are characterized by a minimalistic, handmade design.
The Metalfire collection is complemented by the additional made to measure solutions, finishing frames, concepts, floor plates, wood storage, ... These items are produced based on the design provided by the customer/architect/interior designer. The technical department always presents the production plan to the customer for approval, after which these unique pieces are manufactured by the skilled craftsmen in our workshop. This gives a unique appeal to the products, which simply cannot be obtained through automated production processes.
Apart from the collection of architectural fireplaces, Metalfire also boasts a complete line of accessories under the name of METALFORMS. These accessories comprise tools to be used in and around your fireplace, as well as design fire baskets

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